Nancy Hardwick

President, Hardwick Research

Talented focus group moderator, involved in the research industry since 1986, well versed in all qualitative methodologies, QRCA member.

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Tags: moderator, qualitative research, focus groups, in-depth interviews...

Julie Loving

Professional strategist, moderator, is the objective voice of the customer.

JML Consulting LLC, former AstraZeneca, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, SCJohnson Wax

Client side & agency experience across CPG, Pharma, OTC and entertainment; asks the "7 layers of why". Excels at telling the whole story.

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Tags: moderation, ethnography, passionate, consumer insight, pharmaceutical, OTC...

Ted Kendall

Left-handed Thinker & Doer

TripleScoop Premium Market Research

Expert in bulletin board and community research methods from design to reporting and everything between.

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Tags: research communities, qualitative, online surveys, online bulletin boards...

Rose Marie G Fontana, Ph.D.

Sole proprietor, Garcia Fontana Resarch

I am a bilingual (Spanish/English) qualitative researcher with over 20 years of experience conducting focus groups, ethnography projects, an

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Tags: Bilingual Qualitative Researcher and consultant

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Mary Beth Solomon


Solomon Solutions

I'm an experienced authority on qualitative research, incl. online, usability research, and the customer experience since 1993.

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Tags: qualitative, research, online research, online qualitative...

Doug Schorr

Chief Insight Officer | Marketing Researcher

Schorr Creative Solutions, Inc.

A focused, results driven executive with over 20 years positively impacting business growth and bottom line.

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Tags: focus group, moderator, qualitative, survey, quantitative, strategy, insight...

Maria Earle


IntelliFunda LLC

Investigating how computer programming could increase the effectiveness of qualitative research in the area of STEM learning.

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Tags: qualitative research, online survey, motivational speaker...

John Canova

Founder / Expert Qualitative Research Strategist & Moderator

A well respected expert in Qualitative Research. He has moderated over 850 sessions and has been hired by the worlds most dynamic brands.

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Tags: Qualitative Research, Focus Groups, Advertising Research, Branding...