Nancy Hardwick

President, Hardwick Research

Talented focus group moderator, involved in the research industry since 1986, well versed in all qualitative methodologies, QRCA member.

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moderator qualitative research focus groups in-depth interviews online focus groups bulletin board discussions ethnography usability testing mobile research facilitator community meetings


President, Consultant and Moderator

Hardwick Research

  • Founder of Hardwick Research (1994)
  • Experienced market researcher (in the industry since 1986)
  • Conduct qualitative and qualitative market research
  • Designed and analyzed hundreds of research projects for a wide variety of organizations
  • Incorporate single methodology and hybrid studies
  • Talented focus group moderator and community meeting facilitator
  • Good listener, curious, quick learner
  • Develop research studies that provide actionable results




Hardwick Research
June 1994 - present

Research Consulting – Work with organizations to address their marketing research needs. Provide research design, management, data collection, analysis and reporting services. Incorporate single methodology or hybrid approaches based on our client’s research goals. Using both qualitative (focus groups, in-depth interviews, usability testing, online focus groups and bulletin board discussions) and quantitative (telephone, online, mail and intercept surveys) research methodologies, we work closely with our clients to translate the research results into valuable next steps. Moderation Services – Trained moderator well versed in various discussion elicitation and management techniques. Incorporate a variety of approaches including individual exercises (to gather opinions without participants being biased by others’ responses), group exercises (to capitalize on group think), and projective techniques (to elicit subconscious, unrestricted thoughts). Skilled listener and communicator. Have led discussions with tweens/teens, physicians and executives, in addition to the general public.


Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

Bachelor's Degree



Washington State WBE Certification

Hardwick Research (W2F0013109)
March 1995 - May 2017


PNW Chapter Treasurer

Qualitative Research Consultants Association
January 2008 - present

In addition to Treasurer role, also participate in the planning of quarterly events. Have served as Co-Chair.

Board of Directors - Past President

Qualitative Research Consultants Association
September 2007 - September 2011

A member of the association's international Board for four years. Served as Secretary year one, then Treasurer year two, Vice President year three and finished as President year four.

Treasurer - Past President

Puget Sound Research Forum
June 1996 - present

Currently Treasurer, but have served in many roles including President.

Treasurer - Founding Member

Pacific Northwest Social Marketing Association
June 2013 - present