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Left-handed Thinker & Doer

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Expert in bulletin board and community research methods from design to reporting and everything between.

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My mission is to save the world from really bad market research. It all started with noticing how the surveys we did when I worked in the corporate world simply abused our most precious resource, our customers. One notorious example was a 45 minute customer satisfaction survey. If the customer was happy before, they certainly weren't after the survey. In conversation after conversation, we determined that there must be a better way. I started innovating in this direction way back at HP, by integrated Synectics-based brainstorming techniques into focus group analysis and reporting to gain a competitive edge. Then later, when the Internet started to become popular, I pioneered new methods including the first used of bulletin boards for research--what became Greenfield Online's MindStorm and later 20/20 Research's Qualboards. Not much later, I was in the forefront of using online research communities that offered the dynamic ability to keep a finger on the pulse of the customer. Today I continue to innovate. But technology innovation is not the focus. Engagement is the focus. Engaged respondents are honest, insightful and active. Their answers lead to greater insight. TripleScoop stands out by focusing on engagement driven by technology, the personal touch, creative thinking and keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground. And we firmly believe engagement doesn't end with the design and fielding of research, but is also a critical element of effective analysis and reporting. Data dumps suck. Insightful stories lead to informed action. Today TripleScoop offers a variety of methods that when combined with our fresh thinking bring you dynamic, cost effective and useful insights. The point is to make the whole process a little more fun for all involved. We firmly believe research should be more like ice cream and less like brussels sprouts. It should be something you crave, enjoy and come away from with a smile.


Left-handed Thinker and Doer

March 2007 - present

Director, Market Intelligence (aka MI3 Market Intelligence)

Glow Teknologies
November 2003 - March 2007


QualTalk QualBoards (now 20/20 Research Online)
2000 - 2003

Market Research Manager

January 1994 - January 2000

Market Research Manager

MediaOne AT&T Broadband
January 1994 - January 2000

Market Research Manager

January 1994 - January 1998

Market Research Analyst

January 1990 - January 1992

Executive Director

Mickwee Group Inc
January 1990 - January 1991

Market Research Analyst

Hewlett Packard
January 1986 - January 1990

Marketing Research Analyst

First Security Financial
January 1985 - January 1986


Brigham Young University

1979 - 1985

De Anza College

1982 - 1983